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BJJ SAARBRÜCKEN: Kron Gracie "The latest in line of a fighting family dynasty"

  K ron Gracie is among the best of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. Since 2 005, he’s earned  fourteen intern ational first place competition finishes, and with his recent transition into mixed martial arts, is currently undefeated. He’s also only 28 years old. His highlight reels are like cocaine to Jiu-Jitsu students, easily racking up half a million hits on YouTube. Chief among them his 2013 quarter finals match at ADCC — basically the  World Series  of submission fighting — in which he competed against the fast-rising Garry Tonon.   Tonon was winning on points, doubling Kron’s, with ninety seconds left in the ten-minute match. Kron found himself under heavy top-pressure and pretty much immobilized. But then Kron, spitting out his mouthpiece, took a quick look at his father, the legendary Rickson Gracie (a hero to probably every competitor present), who was sitting nonplussed in the stands and calling out the time: “you got a minute.”    Kron scrambles to a neutral position nearl

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